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The Sand Butte Ranch is located 3 miles south of Pavillion, Wyoming, in an area known for its excellent hay production. -- SOLD --

-- SOLD --



The town of Pavillion has an excellent school system, Wind River School with grades K-12. The city of Riverton, Wy. (pop. 10,000) is approx. 26 miles SE of the ranch, and is the trade center for Fremont County. Amenities include a livestock auction barn, SuperWalmart, John Deere and Ford NH dealerships, several farm/ranch supply stores and a farm co-op. Central Wyoming College has it’s main campus in Riverton, offering a multitude of post-secondary education opportunities.

Recreational amenities include numerous lakes and reservoirs offering fishing, watersports and waterfowl hunting. Big game such as deer, antelope and elk are plentiful as are upland birds.


There are two complete sets of improvements on this ranch. The main homestead consists of a 1248 sq ft home with full basement, A 1920 sq ft shop/machine shed was built in 2008. There are extensive corrals and livestock facilities at the main unit.

A second set of improvements lies at the NW corner of the ranch, consisting of a recently remodeled 1600 sq ft home with 2 car attached garage. There are some corrals and pens on the NW unit as well.

Domestic water for both sets of improvements is from private wells on the property, and a third well in the SW field, supplying domestic water to a mobile home site as well as livestock. Water has tested potable.


The ranch consists of 1428 deeded acres with 582 acres irrigable.

Irrigation water is provided by the Midvale Irrigation District. There are 5 Reinke center pivots, one side-roll and approximately ft of gated pipe in the water delivery system. Water is usually available from the end of April through the end of September. A typical year’s water allotment is 2.5 – 3.0 acre feet. In the irrigation district, all landowners receive the same amount of water. There is no disparity of one owner receiving more than another because of priority. Employees of Midvale (ditchriders) enforce this rule.

The major soil types on this ranch consist of the “Apron-Lost Wells Association”. The USDA Soil Survey describes this soil as “consisting of deep, well drained sandy loams and sandy clay loams on alluvial fans”. Also, “this association is used mainly for irrigated crops and pasture, but it is also used for range. Some of the best range in the survey area is in this association”.

Elevation of most of the ranch is right at one mile.

 Referencing the aerial map of the various fields, current crops are as follows;

Field #1: 80 acres pivot
28 acres gated pipe

New seeding of alfalfa in 2022

Field #2: 81 acres gated pipe 24 acres sideroll

Under gated pipe is alfalfa/grass seeded in 2021 and 2022 Under sideroll is ryegrass

Field #3: 129 acre pivot Ryegrass

Field #4: 170 acres pivot Alfalfa seeded 2016

Field #5: 35 acres pivot Alfalfa seeded 2016

Field #6: 58 acres pivot Ryegrass

Current owners sell the hay and forage out of the field and take in cows to graze the aftermath in the winter.



Wyoming has no state income tax, and real estate taxes compare very favorably compared to many other states.

Operating overhead for the Sand Butte Ranch is as follows:

Real Estate Taxes Midvale Irrigation Water Cost to operate pivots





Cash to sellers. 1031 exchanges are welcome. This offering is made in two parcels.

The east unit consists of fields #1 and 2 and the headquarters unit totaling approximately 457 acres, with 213 acres irrigated. This parcel is priced at $1,800,000.

The west unit consists of fields #3-6 and the improvements located thereon. There are approximately 966 acres with 370 irrigated acres. This parcel is priced at $3,200,000.

Purchasers offering to buy the entire ranch will receive a more favorable pricing option.

While every effort has been made to represent the property accurately, there may be variations between the deeded property lines and existing fences. All references to acreage are estimates based on technology available. Potential buyers are encouraged to conduct their own “due diligence” which may include professional surveys, water rights examination etc. Sellers will cooperate with all reasonable inquiries into the condition of the property.