Corner Farm

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The Corner Farm is located south of Pavillion, Wy. at the NE intersection of Missouri Valley Rd and Hwy 133. -- SOLD --

Property Description

 97.5 acres with 92 irrigated through Midvale Irrigation District. Roundup Ready alfalfa was seeded in 2020. New pivot in 2020 covering approximately 73  acres with balance by gated pipe which is included in sale. Bordered on the west by Hwy 133 and Midvale ditch road on the east.

Soil classification by Midvale Irrigation District scale is: (1=best, 6=nonirrigable)

Class 1             22     acres

Class 2             14

Class 3             11

Class 4             45

Total                            92 acres 

Soil quality is above average for the area.

This farm produced 6+ tons/acre high quality alfalfa on the first 3 cuttings in 2020.

Midvale Irrigation water is approx. $17/acre with a base charge of $375. Water is usually available from the 3rdweek of April to the middle of September. In 2020 the allotment was 2.5 acre ft which is lower than previous years due to the lack of rainfall this year. However, even 2.5 acre ft is sufficient to operate a center pivot for the season. Water distribution is supervised by ditch rifers.






RE Taxes          $1355

Midvale H20     $2185


ASKING PRICE                                             $449,000  -- SOLD --