Broker/Owner Fred Nelson

Our goal is not to be the biggest real estate company around, but to be a company known for personalized service and integrity. We have made lifelong friendships in the course of bringing buyers and sellers together, and that is our real satisfaction in building a real estate business.

We concentrate our marketing efforts to Fremont County, WY which is beautiful, diversified area of Wyoming. From the irrigated farmlands of the central part of the county to the Wind River Mountain Range to the west and Owl Creek Mountains to the north, the landscape is varying and beautiful in its diversity.

Sales Associate Magen McNutt

Magen McNutt is our new addition to the Range Realty family. Originally from Michigan, she has enjoyed her home here in Wyoming for the past 11 years. With her husband Eli, along with their children Wade and Elsie, they are proud to be members of the Riverton community.

Magen began her journey out west in 2007 wrangling at a dude ranch north of Jackson. She fell in love with the Tetons and the adventurous lifestyle they provide. With a huge heart for animals and sharing her love and knowledge, of the park, she advanced her wrangling career into the head wrangler position until 2016. Eli and Magen purchased their horse shoeing company in the spring of 2016 and have been providing shoeing services to outfits from Cody, WY to Victor/Driggs ID. Magen and Eli moved to Kinnear in the fall of 2016 to begin their family.

"Coming originally from the Midwest we truly appreciate not only the state of Wyoming but particularly the opportunities we have here. Especially raising our children in this rich agricultural community. We have just touched the tip of the sagebrush on what this area truly has to offer. We are a young family that enjoys hunting, fishing and being outdoors. Living on Ocean Lake puts us just minutes from our favorite activities to live the fullest of lives. I am very ambitious to jump in the Wind River with both feet to lend an open ear and assist my clients to find their own perfect piece of Wyoming.”

Her integrity and honesty coupled with her eagerness to learn and passion to spread her knowledge is as fresh as the Fremont County alfalfa. She is dedicated to providing a service ranging far and wide from first time buyers to folks that have been down the trail a time or two.

We welcome her with open arms and look forward to watching this young woman and family grow.

Contact Magen at (307) 709-4105 or

Why Wyoming

The agriculture base in Fremont County is alfalfa and cow/calf operations. There are some row crops such as sugar beets, beans and corn, although the area is primarily known for it’s high quality alfalfa, much of which is shipped to out-of-state dairies. Since we are in a high-desert arid climate, our crops have to be irrigated.

One of the largest irrigation projects in the country, the Midvale Irrigation District, is located in Pavillion. In Wyoming, water rights are attached to the land and cannot be severed. In the Midvale Irrigation District, water rights are not prioritized by date: everyone has the same priority and gets the same allotment of water based on their number of acres. Ditch riders maintain the allotments. This keeps the number of “disputes” over water to a minimum.

Our Support

To Whom It Does Concern,

Please consider this letter to be an unabashed and completely positive letter of recommendation for Fred Nelson, Kevin Blankenship, and Range Realty.

Because of Fred, Kevin, and Range Realty, my wife Vicki and I now own the home of our dreams. With another realtor, we might have wound up with another home, but it would not be the one of our dreams.

Fred and Kevin were incredibly patient. They must have driven us over what seemed like half of Fremont County over the course of several months. In all this time, they never applied anything even approaching high pressure. Rather, they kept showing us available properties in our price range, and never tried to bump us up to something much more expensive.

When we now look back at some of the properties we initially wanted to put in offers for, we are glad that Fred and Kevin encouraged us to keep looking. When we look at those properties today, and compare them to where we are now living, we are thankful for their persistent patience. The persistence and the patience came from them, not from Vicki and me.

In my humble opinion, if you decide to enlist the services of Range Realty, you will consider yourself blessed in short order. You could do a lot worse than bringing Fred, Kevin, and Range Realty on board as your personal real estate agents. But I am hard-pressed to imagine how you could do any better.

I am available to answer any questions you may have about my extremely positive experiences at 307-856-3460.

Doug Hill, Pastor
Pavillion Community United Methodist Church

Why Fred Nelson and Range Realty:

It was 2010 and I was new to the area, I didn’t know who Fred was even if I was standing next to him. After purchasing a farm I was going to build and open a competing convenience store in Kinnear Wyoming which would have hurt Fred’s existing business, the Kinnear store, offering grocery items, liquor and fuel for locals and folks just passing through.

I thought I had a great idea but of course Fred didn’t and he did everything he could within the law to stop me and he was successful. I wasn’t too happy with this man who I had never met, he had just derailed my business plan.

I like most people around the outskirts of Riverton, in Kinnear, Pavillion and other towns out that way consumed most items sold at Fred’s Kinnear store so it was inevitable that someday I would run in to Fred Nelson. I had heard good and bad about Fred but I had learned early on in those parts to not listen to rumors and form opinions about people, I would keep an open mind when meeting people of this rural community and form my own personal opinions about them after meeting and dealing with them.

Then the inevitable happened, I was introduced to Fred, my first impression was a good one, he was personable, polite, he looked you in the eyes, he was straight to the point and I got a strong feeling he was honest. The more I got to know Fred I liked him, I liked him a lot and over time we got to be pretty good friends. Fred wears a lot of hats, he is a ranch realtor, a farmer, a rancher and a small retail business owner, heck he used to even be a banker! I respect Fred for his hard work ethic, his loyalty and dedication to his family and church. Fred gets a lot of support from his lovely wife Coleen who has an architecture firm in Riverton and their wonderful son Cole. I have to give a kudos here to Cole, he is bright, well-mannered and a hardworking young man that I am confident will grow up to be successful in all he does and be a well-respected citizen in the community just like his parents.

After many years of farming I felt it was best to sell my farm. You would think after all I wrote about Fred it was natural to just hire him to sell my place. Obviously he was number one on my list but business is business and to ensure maximum exposure, sale price and courteous service to potential buyers I looked around and interviewed other ranch realtors. After some time checking out Fred’s competition I felt hands down Fred would be the best fit to get the job done for me. Fred not only knows the market he was a fellow farmer and rancher, what could be better! I listed my farm with Fred and as you would expect Fred represented myself and the farm in a professional manor and sold the farm in what seemed like a seamless transaction, especially comparing to others I had been involved in.

This was a long story about Fred but for good reason, he is truly all I described and I can’t say enough about him. Before, during and even much after the sale Fred goes above and beyond what should be expected of a realtor. Fred did an outstanding job for me and I am confident he will do an outstanding job for you, give him a call or stop by and see him, after meeting him I think you will agree and then you too will have a long story to tell about Fred Nelson!

All the best, Rick Campbell, Las Vegas Nevada (Formally of Pavillion Wyoming)